I cried when I opened the first box of beads that I had ordered from India.

They were so beautiful and I was overwhelmed with excitement. The colours are all there. The combinations so varied. My mind races along with my hands. Arranging rearranging, swapping, removing as I patterns. Once again I am transformed into a world of colours, shapes, texture, harmony, focus and contrast.

Studying, travelling and trading in the world of beads are an education that reaches into all cultures. The tradition of bead making, beliefs, religions, traditions of adornment, natural recourses – it’s not the big news, it’s the detail.

I like to use materials and features, made by artisans from around the world. Kazurri beads from Africa. A great company that employs over 200 workers in the outskirts of Nairobi, governed by World Fair Trade. Solo glass makers from Italy. A wonderful company from Greece.

I work with bold colours in contemporary styles.

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