I want to make an artwork


I may be yearning for something and need to express it. I could be reflecting and recapturing past memories. I may be grieving with loss. I may feel joyous and exuberant, overflowing with creative energy. Or I could just want to muck around and play with stuff.
I need solitude.

Uninterrupted silence.

No phone. No radio.

In my own space with a closed door.

Removed from the reality.

I tune out of the real world into my deep self.

I look for my genuine self.

My truth at that moment.

I use my hands, while I unauthorize my mind.

I shuffle things around in the studio, look through old journals, rearrange things, fold things, and fossick through my collections of stuff.

Then comes an idea. Then another. I mull. Rearrange the thoughts.

Once I settle on the idea – the thinking has to change.

It becomes problem solving.

Then I search for a visual vehicle to express. A shape, an object, a composition, colours?

Step 2 – next time